My Biography

Herbert Hernández
Early life
My name is Herbert Hernández, I was born in San Salvador, El Salvador. My father Arturo Hernández by profession Construction worker, my mother María Elia López Salesperson and it is from her that I inherit the skills in Sales and Negotiations. I am the sixth of nine brothers. When I was just 10 years old my mother takes me to sell fruits and meat from house to house, when I was 13 years old I was already selling at Cuscatlán Stadium and I always managed to sell everything before the team started playing and so I enjoyed watching Soccer and Magico Gonzalez on those magical afternoons.

When I was 14 years old, I started studying woodworking at the Fe y Alegría school, after a few years of learning in 1985 I was already working as a Cabinet Maker. The Civil War in El Salvador lasted 12 years and left us with a lot of damage both physically and emotionally and that is why I decided to emigrate to the United States looking for a better life.
Career in Business
In 1993 I arrived in the United States of America and settled in Miami, Florida with my older brother. At the beginning I started to work in cleaning, construction helper until I managed to find a job as a Cabinet helper, despite being a Cabinetmaker professional, but little by little I demonstrate my skills and knowledge at the same time I start studying English at night which helped me, 3 years later I was already working as a cabinet maker in Custom Fine Furniture.

Seeing that Miami, I no longer had the opportunity to grow as a professional, I decide to move further north in West Palm Beach, Florida, looking for better opportunities in my profession. In a short time, I managed to work in large companies until I managed to work in 2 jobs at the same time which allowed me to achieve more professional experience.

When I learned the Cabinetmaking I said once, one day I will have my own cabinet shop and in 2007 with the help of my MENTOR I started my own Custom Cabinetry & Beyond Corp Company, despite the economic crisis we suffered I managed to survive leading me to perform the tasks, Sales, manufacture my furniture, paint them and install them myself.
Herbert Hernández
After 25 years working in Furniture I analyze that I do not want to spend all my life in Cabinets and I must think of another option for my retirement and that is when I have the idea of starting to sell Brake Pads in Venezuela, I start selling in some website pages of buying and selling brake pads, but I realize how difficult it was to sell despite paying Premium packages, their rules were so stupid that instead of helping me sell I was late. That's where I get the idea of creating my own buy and sell website and improve it by making it easy, simple to understand, for all types of people.

I begin to talk with friends with Computer skills and to raise my idea of creating a website for buying and selling, but they all told me the same thing that will not be possible since I did not have any studies in Programming at all about web design, but that did not I limit myself and I started watching videos and studying what I needed, the first thing I did was to hire a Web Designer, I gave him my ideas and what I was looking for with my project, after a few months I hired a Programmer and formed my first work team to while studying all the tools we would use, such as programming language, framework and database to get an idea of all the work involved in creating a website.
Herbert Hernández
This is how my adventure in Technology begins and on May 21, 2016, I launched my first Classifieds platform to the public in 20 Spanish-speaking countries www.heyanuncialo.com

As you can see we were not 18 founders, I was not rejected from any prestigious University since I barely did Primary, I am not a programmer, but if I understand the programming languages and their functions, neither my page was made in a Garage of a House or an apartment, rather I did it in a Cabinet shop, conclusion: NOTHING is impossible if we visualize it and work it with passion regardless of whether they believe in you or not, the Great opportunities come from the needs that we capture, so pay attention around you and see where something does not work well and get to work.